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Welcome to the Tennessee Horseshoe Pitcher's Association

The Tennessee Horseshoe Pitcher's Association, a division of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association, is over 100 members strong. Yearly tournaments, including state singles and state doubles,  are held among six participating courts: Caryville, Clarksville, Crossville, Morgan's Courts, Rock Springs, White Pine.

Courts located at Soddy daisy and Algood are available for practice but NO tournaments are scheduled for these locations for 2018 You can always pitch a tournament in Tennessee with a tournament almost every weekend. 

Check the schedule for tournament dates.

Five elected officials serve on the Executive Board, each serving a two-year term.  

Membership dues are $33 per year, with $25 going to the NHPA, and the remainder to the TNHPA.

Charter Sanction cards are available from Tournament Directors or by sending your request and money to JoAnn Stanford (Sec/treas.) Be sure to notify of any address, phone, email, or ICE(in case of emergency cell phone number)changes!!!

Take your love of Horseshoe Pitching to the next level, and become a member! You can join the TNHPA/NHPA by Filling out this Form and mailing a check or money order for Adult - $33.00 or Junior - $10.00 to the Secretary Treasurer:
JoAnn Stanford
775 Cabin Hill Rd.
Celina,  TN 38551
She will send you a membership card.  You can contact any of the officers anytime for information. 
Or, you can just show up at any Tennessee tournament and the tournament director will have you pitch a number of shoes to determine your ringer average,.  You will be placed in a class with other pitchers who are close to your skill level and you can pitch in that tournament.  New pitchers are welcomed with open arms.
Once you have joined, you are qualified to pitch in tournaments anywhere in the USA and Canada.

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