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Tennessee Women State Champion
Year Name W/L Ringer %
1980S. Long5-023.6
1982Marlene Ray6-049.0
1983Marlene Ray3-048.2
1984Maxine Griffith3-051.7
1985Maxine Griffith4-143.9
1986Wanda Henson3-055.1
1987Maxine Griffith3-050.7
1988Maxine Griffith4-047.1
1989Marlene Ray3-164.2
1990Maxine Griffith3-162.8
1991Marlene Ray3-242.4
1992Marlene Ray3-047.1
1993Alla Faye Rutherford5-158.5
1994Marlene Ray5-064.37
1995Maxine Griffith4-077.23
1996Marlene Ray5-177.95
1997Joan Elmore4-163.99
1998Joan Elmore5-067.8
1999Maxine Griffith3-175.21
2000Joan Elmore7-080.0
2001Maxine Griffith (8)3-175.3
2002Joan Elmore4-080.2
2003Joan Elmore5-084.0
2004Joan Elmore5-086.16
2005Joan Elmore5-080.17
2006Joan Elmore4-175.99
2007Joan Elmore6-186.88
2008Joan Elmore3-174.69
2009Joan Elmore4-084.0
2010Joan Elmore4-081.74
2011Joan Elmore3-287.91
2012Joan Elmore4-083.33
2013Joan Elmore4-082.5
2014Joan Elmore4-080.51
2015Joan Elmore3-077.22
2016Joan Elmore4-086.18
2017Joan Elmore (19)3-081.00
2018Marlene Ray (8)5-171.5
2019Joan Elmore (20)5-178.89
2020Marlene Ray (9)3-175.83
2021Maxine Griffith (9)4-078.13
2022Maxine Griffith (10)4-078.57

Take your love of Horseshoe Pitching to the next level, and become a member! You can join the TNHPA/NHPA by Filling out this Form and mailing a check or money order for Adult - $33.00 or Junior - $10.00 to the Secretary Treasurer:
Anita Evans
143 Karla Lane
Lafollette,  TN 37766

She will send you a membership card.  You can contact any of the officers anytime for information. 
Or, you can just show up at any Tennessee tournament and the tournament director will have you pitch a number of shoes to determine your ringer average,.  You will be placed in a class with other pitchers who are close to your skill level and you can pitch in that tournament.  New pitchers are welcomed with open arms.
Once you have joined, you are qualified to pitch in tournaments anywhere in the USA and Canada.

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